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2 Farm Boys started when our family acquired 3 goats for our farm.  We "borrowed" them to eat weeds along a canal on the farm, but quickly learned that the goats didn't want to go near the water!  By the end of the summer, we had fallen in love with their quirky personalities and were able to buy them as a permanent addition to the farm.  

Next the question was what to do with them?  A friend mentioned that goat milk soap was popular in her home state and thought we should try making it.  After many YouTube videos, trial and error, and friends and neighbors as our testers, we had enough confidence to start selling at local specialty boutiques and farmers' markets.

The farm we live on is a small parcel compared to the once 50+ acres that it started out as back in the early 1900s.  My husband's great-grandfather established the farm and it continued through a few generations until the cows were sold and the land developed in the early 2000s (Why? Thats another story for another day!).  Our high mountain valley is growing and we pride ourselves in maintaining this small agricultural piece that we live on.  We strive to educate all people, young and old, on the importance of preserving small farms and supporting agricultural efforts in all communities. 

Our family moved back to the farm in 2008, where we found it to be somewhat barren, no animals, just hay!  We knew, for the sake our sons, that animals needed to be brought back to the farm.  They are the primary caretakers of the goats.  We have also had cows, chickens, a horse, and.....peacocks!.  Life lessons on the farm are ones that are seldom taught or learned anywhere else.  We are so grateful that we are able to raise our boys in this setting and watch them learn and grow in character and skills that will help them mature into productive, contributing citizens of our community.